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Tara Hall Selected as ICM’s new Executive Director

May 20, 2019 2:17 PM | Anonymous

The ICM Board of Directors is excited to announce that Tara Hall, an experienced executive director of non-profits, has been appointed Executive Director of the Interfaith Children’s Movement. 

With experience directly serving traumatized children and women, Ms. Hall said:

“I’m ready to work in the ‘advocacy’ dimension.  I know deep down in my soul about the trauma that shuts down life possibilities for children.  I have seen it one-on-one for many years. Now I want to promote advocacy.  The goal of advocacy is make good public policy so that children do not experience the trauma that steals the magical gifts every child is born with. People of faith… and worship communities…. when they work together… have a powerful voice for children. I’m passionate about helping them use it." 

Tara Hall's leadership at ICM began May 6, 2019.

Please plan to meet Tara  (and sign up for a volunteer role… and become a member) over the next few months.

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