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…...And as I sit in prayer, in the silence where the Holy meets me, the word that comes to me is this: speak your truth. And so I will.

January 19, 2021 8:14 AM | Anonymous

The 2021 Georgia legislative session is set to begin on January 11. This is also a time to LEARN of issues worthy of legislative action. In upcoming events, ICM’s partners and other advocacy organizations will afford the opportunity to learn of legislative priorities.


It is Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, day as I write this. I have put it off until now because as a white woman, I am filled with the question: should I be writing this, should my voice be in any way amplified, as a white woman? What can I say that couldn’t be said better by so many Black women and women of color who have lived the reality of racism due to white supremacist violence to the point of intergenerational trauma? Won’t my words ring hollow on this hallowed ground of Dr Martin Luther King? Will they offend?

And as I sit in prayer, in the silence where the Holy meets me, the word that comes to me is this: speak your truth. And so I will.

As a white woman, I choose to be in solidarity with all Black people, with indigenous people, with all those that white supremacy has sought to oppress or belittle or dehumanize.

As a white woman I say no and I do not go along with the lie that to be white is to be better than.

As a white woman, I lament the history of racism and white supremacy in this country that lives in its bones and breathes out its acrid, toxic breath upon all who breathe.

As a white woman, I stand on the side of justice, of fairness, of doing the work it takes to learn the true history of this country, of its whiteness, which ends in racist structures, practices, and principles that so many, too many, white people deny.

As a white woman, I choose to be silent and listen to Black people - to hear their truth, their pain, their wisdom, their lessons of resiliency that are so strong, so capable, so powerful.

As a white woman, I do have power to change what is and I claim my voice, my vote, my strength of character to do what I can, every day, in this “fierce urgency of now.”

I will advocate for the end of white supremacy, and it’s effluent, racism, so that all God’s children will know justice and peace.

May the faith of our inter-faith communities be deep, abiding, and united in justice and peace.

May the God we worship be the one of the peace-maker, nonviolent resistance, and love, not the one of empire, violence, and brutality.

May our children, our beloved children, see us leading the way together, for their wellbeing.


By Cathy Harmon-Christian

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