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Why Join ICM? - “ICM Is Doing Joyous Work,” Says Scotty Greene

September 01, 2020 7:23 AM | Anonymous


“ICM Is Doing Joyous Work,” Says Scotty Greene In This 3 Minute Video. 

“ICM allows me to bring my faith and engage it in action to improve the lives of our citizens who are the least able to help themselves… our children.”

“As an ICM advocate I interact with people of many faiths. We raise our voices together, and we act together.  Working and worshiping with people of other faiths enriches my own faith,” Scotty says.

‘We PRAY together.  We LEARN together.  We ACT together.

“I hope you will join us. Bring your faith. Bring your prayer. Raise your voice with us,” he says.

“Volunteer your time.  Share your resources.  Join  this movement to improve the lives of our children.”

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For over 20 Years, ICM has supported public policies that open windows and doors of opportunity so Georgia’s children achieve their full potential.

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10 turns to 100. Then 100 turns to 1,000. And that’s how child advocacy becomes successful. We’re so glad you will join us!

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