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Our approach to Child Advocacy

Advocacy is important because it highlights issues and provides an opportunity to address problems. It encompasses the ability to galvanize support, share common interests, prioritize resources and strengths, and strategize efforts toward a defined outcome or goal.


Children focused advocacy-nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating on issues impacting the welfare of children and focusing on core action areas of:
Faith in action-inherent belief in the value of all children and it is incumbent upon us, as the interfaith community, to put our faith in action and take a stand on their behalf.

Common good for the beloved community-working together to create communities of love and care where children are safe, healthy, and whole.

Power of collective voices-faith communities, working together, can be a powerful force of compassion, commitment and positive change for laws, public policies and services that shape our children's futures.

Diversity and inclusion-all are welcome to join advocacy efforts on behalf of children and appealing to those who can make a difference (faith communities, families, community, coalitions, legislators, corporations, etc.)


It takes minutes to make a difference for children.  Remember: SEAL

  • is for share. Share information on issues, legislation, and calls to action throughout your networks.
  • E is for engage. Learn about the issues, the legislative process, who are your representatives, and how to advocate.  
  • A is for act. Take a step towards action, i.e., call, write or visit your legislator.
  • is for lead. Be a leader and an ambassador for children.

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For over 20 Years, ICM has supported public policies that open windows and doors of opportunity so Georgia’s children achieve their full potential.

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10 turns to 100. Then 100 turns to 1,000. And that’s how child advocacy becomes successful. We’re so glad you will join us!

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